Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yes, there are horses in Ireland

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf designed by Adrian of Hello Yarn
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Indigo; 98 yds per skein, 2.75 skeins used
Needles: Size 8 US Lantern Moon in Ebony
Finished measurements: 48" long by 5" wide

This one's for the Big D. He does not wrap scarves around his neck, so I did not need to make it very long. Dad chose the color over the phone - a man after my own heart with his love for dark blues.

Due to scheduling conflicts with my model, and my promise of back to back posts, I apologize for the absence of action shots.

Perhaps you can notice in the close-up photograph some light colored fiber that contributes to a subtle halo. Can you see it? They are very fine. They are delicate fibers from the stunning and rare Cassidy-beast, as well as Maxalicious, Abbini, and the precious tail fiber of Jerry.

What a truly special treat for my dear, pet-loving Dad.

Olympic update: No knitting last night. I'm tapering before tomorrow's big opener. I will be going to bed early and carbo-loading tomorrow morning.

Best of luck to all the athletes!


Kaitie Tee said...

Your scarf is beautiful! Now I think I need to make one for myself. Blue is my favorite color - I probably wear too much of it. Oh well! Your dad is very lucky.

Two posts in a row...too cool!

Areli said...

The scarf turned out great. I love your pictures, a great way to display a scarf. Your dad's going to really enjoy it.

Rachel said...

I think that's such a great looking manly scarf. Nothing too crazy, but not boring either. Nice job!

In preparation for the Olympics I'm doing mindless garter stitch all night to stay limber but not wear myself out. See you at the starting line!

Rain said...

It's really nice and a great colour. I bet your Dad will wear it a lot.

Sarah said...


I really like the color (and the horse)!

Yay! Olympic time!

Stefanie said...

This scarf is really gorgeous. I've seen it on other blogs but the blue really brings out the intricacies of the design. Bravo!

Zonda said...

Great job on it! The color is beautiful! Love the background too!

Kim said...

Great scarf and good luck with your Olympic knitting. Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week.

Jeanne said...

Action, schmaction. Anything with knitting AND horses in it is okay with me!

Gaile said...

Gorgeous scarf! Is that your horse in the background?