Saturday, July 22, 2006


Miss Isabel Reed making her world debut on Thursday, 20 July 2006.

Itsy is fresh out of the oven in this picture with her beaming Auntie.


Monday, July 17, 2006


Finally. I'm posting from "home." Wooo hoooo!!!!

It's a bigillion degrees inside and out. The menagerie and I need to hydrate.

Question for my savvy readers: which do you prefer, Bloglines or NewsGator? Please discuss.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six things on my mind...

1. I am still packed in boxes. Still not in my apartment. It's close to two (2) months of living boxed up, and its charm has nearly worn off. No, I think it has worn off entirely.

2. The charm may have left when the heat and humidity rolled in.

3. My poison ivy a.k.a. leprosy is new and improved on my right upper arm. It's itchy, weepy, and angry looking.

4. Camera is packed somewhere, hence the never-ending pictureless blog. Painful, I know. My most sincere apologies. I have knit a thing or two.

5. Unable to blog from FNJ or see some blogs properly. Flipping firewall. Note #1, so there's no surfing or blogging from home, which helps contribute to the absence of charm. (I am at my parents' = post possible = three (3) hour drive tomorrow morning beginning at 5 AM.)

6. Thursday is a bionically big day: Charlie's sister is scheduled to enter this world. I will let you know whatever the news may be as soon as I can. I will be at the hospital knitting feverishly, waiting.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday, July 07, 2006

Days 1-3 of Fancy New Job

An Ode to Penny Karma

Day One, 5 July 2006:

7 AM: Alarm goes off playing the only radio station I could find that might broadcast NPR. It was "The Early Show". Who knew you could listen to the TV on the radio?

7.10 AM: Take Jerry and Cassidy out for the morning constitutional. On leashes.

7.45 AM: Re-enter apartment thru window. I locked myself out of my really-far-off-the-ground-first-floor-windowed apartment. Thanks to all the watchful faeries for giving me 2nd floor neighbors with a canoe rack, and a canoe that I gently stepped on in order to hoist myself over a sill with a nail that ripped my t-shirt thru the no-screened Shaker window onto my couch.

8.32 AM: Arrive in my office 2 minutes late to the horror of an unlocked door, lights on, and a lovely canvas goodie bag from THE BOSS. How cool! I hope she doesn't know I was late. I have a thing for timeliness in the work place, especially on the first day.

8.35-8.55 AM: Attempt to log onto my work computer. Let's all remember, I attended meetings, etc. at the Fancy New Place in early June; log on has happened before.

8.55 AM: Finally stumble upon system password.

8.55-9.25 AM: Try to log onto Fancy New Job Email. Finally asked colleague, coincidental owner of aforementioned canoe, and discover Not-On-Site-Tech-Guy error, fix said error, and finally get into email program.

Please note: We're not even three full hours into my First Day of FNJ.

4 PM: Go back to unlocked first floor apartment. It's a temporary stay, so nothing is unpacked. There is no phone. No Internet access. No Tour. No World Cup. No Wimbledon. One channel on the TV. No AC. A LOT of humidity, and an active four-year-old living above me. In this historic Shaker building it's as though that loud little cherub lives with me, as well as the four other members of his canoe-owning family.

5 PM: Let Jerry out to meet larger-than-Jerry upstairs neighbor dog. Cassidy met him earlier, so I kept her on leash. Neighbor dog attacks Jerry. Repeatedly. Jerry goes back into the hallway, trying to get back into the apartment, neighbor dog corners him in hallway.

9.30 PM: Make great progress on my niece-to-be's MDK Kimono during "So You Think You Can Dance". Run out of yarn four (4) rows shy of cast off.

Day Two:

Highlight: Dare to check my Bloglines.

Lowlights: FNJ has a firewall that blocks photos and posting abilities on Blogspot. The same firewall blocked me from checking the standings of Le Tour. Left ear swollen to near elephant size. Bug bite, I think. Either that, or it's poison ivy, which I have on various other parts of my body. On my right arm it looks like leprosy at this point.

Day Three: FNJ Retreat, 8.30 - 2 PM.

8.07 AM: Wake up. I forgot to turn on alarm.

8.33 AM: Arrive at THE BOSSES' HOUSE a.k.a. retreat location. Three minutes late, but three others out of six total were later. Whew.

11.30 PM: My ear is a little smaller, and I am at my parents' writing this post. Thankfully, the three (3) hour drive was uneventful. I've successfully ordered more Kimono yarn.