Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This and that...

A few mid-week details to share:

As you may know, I have chosen to knit the ever-popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert for the Olympics. My fiber choice is Monty Wool dyed by Danielle, the former No No Kitty Yarn guru, in the colourway "Snow Day." The colors actually make me think of spring, so I'm enjoying it in this dreary February.

I have not done any Olympic knitting in two days. Not sure what that's about, but I'll be knitting tonight. Yes. Tonight.

Thus far, however, I have learned a little more about swatching. I mentioned earlier that I swatched four (4) times. Torture? No. Learning? But, of course. Mostly, don't be a novice swatcher and watch a CSI episode while swatching. You may not read the yarn label, even though you know it's not worsted weight and that's what the pattern calls for; you may forget which way to go with the size of your needles; you may not write down your measurements, thereby forcing you to re-knit a swatch with size 7 US needles, your final choice for the project; and you may stay up way too late. But I swatched. :: pat, pat, pat on my back ::

I have dropped three (3) stitches so far, and barring the fighting I'm doing with the 100% wool - let go of one another! - it's going along well.

In Stashalong news, yesterday was a free day. I took advantage of it to prepare for my March knitalong. Please notice the new button to the right - the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket Knitalong. It's another Kate Gilbert pattern from Interweave Knits Winter 2005, and will by my first sweater that I will finish, meaning sew together myself. Whoa. I chose to purchase 12 skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK. It is cheaper than the Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK the pattern calls for, and machine washable, a fine quality for someone like me and my hairy, dirty family. Since ordering yarn online without sample cards has always proven an adventure for me, I'm looking forward to its arrival. I chose the colourway buddleia, and, yes, I purchased an extra skein or two, just in case.

In sockapalOOOza news, yup, a sock exchange, I have purchased and received the yarn for my sock pal. It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. It is SOOOOOOoooooooo soft. I'm excited to knit with it. Nervous to make socks since I haven't made any in years, and back then it was only one (1) pair, I believe. A nice pair for Dad, but it was so long ago, it's like I never made them. I was smart enough to put myself in the beginner group, so I have that going for me - lower expectations. I hope.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Elizabeth for her fair isle color choice guidance as I dream about a future project (see fuzzy-picture-I-could-not-defuzz below). I love the shape and design of this sweater, particularly the neck shaping. LOVE IT. But I look almost-dead/viciously hungover in gray, so I put the query out to the Knittyheads about changing colors. Miss Elizabeth responded promptly and brilliantly...and most importantly, she said, don't make a sweater in a color that "doesn't suit" me. I won't.

That's what's knews around here. Keep on keepin' on, Olympians!!!!


Rachel said...

I have had my eye on that swing jacket since the magazine arrived -- it is firmly on my "someday" list. I'll love seeing how yours comes out!

Areli said...

You have some really nice projects lined up. Lots of fun.

I keep going back and forth on making a clapotis, I want one, I don't, I really do, maybe not. It's driving me crazy! I am glad you are making one, now I can watch you and maybe it will help me decide.