Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am intrigued by the way the seasons influence an instant, I can be transported back to March 22, 2005, for no apparent reason. Or perhaps, right now, because it was a profoundly emotional time.

There were the highs of a love so bright, only an innocent could inspire it. And a loss, so wrenching, it leaves emotional paralysis, and a chasm filled with anxiousness, and sadness, and confusion.

I honor my nephew's short life. He teaches me about strength, love, and human relationships.

Charlie's mother, my sister, is brave. Fearlessly brave.

Charlie's sister is expected to join us, here on earth, in late July. I hope she stays longer than Charlie. But if she doesn't, she'll be with him. I can rest easy with that thought.

me & my angel

Charles Marshall

born 3 March 2005

died 23 March 2005

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Animals in cages rarely, if ever, experience silence. Unfortunately.

Finally, a somewhat quiet moment (if Cassidy barking at every-living-prairie-thing-under-the-full-moon as background noise doesn't count as noise) to share what should be a few great photographs of me in the Gibbon area of the Monkey Pavilion at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. And a shot of the one-handed adorable, tricky, smacking-unsuspecting-teenagers, monkey that I cannot locate on their website or I would link to him. And Google Images is not helping either.

I would post pictures of me cleaning kennels at the Humane Society today, and successfully leaving the building after seven (7) hours there w i t h o u t another animal.

Let's review: Maxalicious is from the Humane Society; Cassidy is a rescue from a no-kill group that leases space from PetSmart (prior to my running into Cass in a cage in the middle of an aisle of PetSmart, I had no idea PetSmart had cats and dogs you can pay for and take home. What an epiphany I revisit everyday!); Jerry was a stray, who was on my lawn one morning when I opened the door to leave for work, who then jumped in my truck, and just wouldn't leave, thankfully; and lastly, my little lovebug, Abby, came from a family who moved to Australia, and my boss volunteered me to take her - assuring me that if it didn't work out, he'd take her - and despite frequent, lengthy camping trips, either she finds her way back home, or I collect her from a nearby house that she enjoys visiting (yes, cats will hang out at your house if you feed them food, treats, milk, and run the dryer so the vent will keep her warm, but that's a fact overlooked by Abby's friends.)

But really, the point of this post is to tell you that I will post pictures tomorrow of the amazing giftys I received from my Cheapy Secret Pal today. SHE RULES!!!! THANK YOU, ERIN!!!! The package couldn't have been better timed. Truly. The chocolate helped me through some yucky law stuff I spent some time taking care of late this afternoon...the cards are perfect. The loofah mitt - ah! You knit it, right? Splendid! Yummy! Thank you!

I LOVE MY SP!!!! And so does the menagerie!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

There is life here

It's just moving along at what feels like a frantic pace. A respite is in sight: next Friday afternoon, St. Patrick's Day, I will be free of the five teenagers I am spending the next week with. I will finally be able to breathe.

Since my comment query, I have been to Boston, MA, Hartford, CT, New London, CT, South County, RI, Chicago, IL, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver CO, with lots of work, and smiling, and nodding, and selling in between. And now I've rolled right into a week-long experiential education program with five adolescents.

So there's been no knitting (OK, that's not true, there was airplane knitting which lead to ripping out six (6) Cozy inches, and several rows of Hyde Park tinking that I'm dreading - so there's been negative knitting.), clearly no blogging, and very little blog cruising and commenting.

The jury is still out on the comment feature, but for those of you that may have revisited my last posts comments, you'll see a real need for me to accurately know who is commenting.

An ex-boyfriend had a lovely dog named Wendy. I never knew how popular a name it really is. I know, if reading and spamming their blog counts as knowing, four human Wendys. One Wendy I actually worked with and never spammed. She got to talk to me every day. The joy!

Meet Jerry:

He was trying to tell me something. Most likely, get away from all electronic items, and take me for a walk.

Off to meet a zookeeper.