Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ms. Worsted really, no, tragically underestimated how long it would take to knit up luscious Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock on size 1 needles for her large-footed sock pal. Ms. W is also finding it tough to do weekend power-knitting, hours at a time, on the aforementioned bamboo BBQ skewers. She's thru the gusset on sock #1, but has 6.5 more inches to go before the toe. In addition, Ms. Worst may be further damaging her eye sight. And straining her right hand - the need to knit tightly = grasp the dental floss tightly = owie hand for the thrower.

So a break is in order.

Let's hop in the way-way-back time machine to last Monday, April 24th. That's the day I could finally unfurl my brow, breathe more deeply, and truly relax. Well, that's the day I got the hint of sure-fire change: I was offered a job.

I accepted said job on Tuesday afternoon, and have been letting the realization settle in. It takes time to grasp that the three (3) month-long search is over; I will have a way to continue to feed the menagerie, me, and my yarn habit; put a roof over our heads; and an engaging promotion with kind, respectful, thoughtful colleagues: all in the great State of New York.

Now it's time to think about packing up the pets and the books and the stash. I must be at the new job in New York (TNJINY) for June 6, 7, 8; with an official full-time start-date of July 5th. There's my 20th high school reunion mixed into early June I must get prepared. I must get knitting.

As a break from my gargantuan, slow-going socks, I'm swatching for Fad-Classic in Hot Pink (3459). I'm loving every yarn pink right now, which is so not me, but it's Fad-Classic, so I thought I'd be OK.

Still no color decision made for Ali, but in my fantasy world, I finish it for my reunion.

I purchased some Euroflax Originals. That Mason-Dixon book makes me want to knit dishrags, hand towels, a night gown and matching bathrobe, bathroom rugs, and queen-sized blankets. I thought I'd start small, a linen hand towel or two.

All the yarn mentioned above was purchased as a pressie for me, for TNJINY. Yeah me!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Progress in Hyde Park

As the flowers begin to bloom, the grass greens, and young women start wearing less, usually some form of a fashion don't, I thought I'd share my tweedy green that is fit for another season.

A raglan seam

See those two holes? Those are in the armpit. I picked up five stitches, see the pattern continuity? Did I do something wrong to achieve those holes - the one on the right clearly larger than the left. Or is that "typical" and I will just sew them closed?

It's my rendition of Elizabeth Morrison's Hyde Park Pullover in Tahki Donegal Tweed from my stash. Stash usage: I'm so proud.

Tour de Georgia update: Popo pulls it out for the boys in blue in Stage 2!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring flowers

Colors bright and bold against a burning landscape. Thirty (30) mph wind gusts + a grass fire = closed roads, evacuated businesses, and a clouded view out my front window. Fire is so powerful; I hope it's under control soon.

A comparatively frivolous question for each of you:

What colors would you choose for creating a spring & summertime Ali? I have nine (9) different colors of Knit Picks Shine Worsted.

Here are your choices for the main bag (in other words, I have three (3) skeins of each color):

Bachelor Button
Green Apple

Pocket color choices (including those not selected above; I have two (2) skeins of each color):

Reef (this is a teal greenish color)
Wisteria (this color can look remarkably like gray often)

Please share your ideas. I'm stuck.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Just as I was starting to get back into the groove, I'm off on an unexpected business trip. I'll be back Sunday. The menagerie is close to wilding: this is the fourth trip back east in six weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Happy Passover, Easter, Daylight Savings Time, Spring, flea, tick and heartworm season...

Monday, April 10, 2006


Yes, I've been trapped under a very heavy object. I've managed little knitting, and absosmurfly no photography for my blog, so there's been no posting. *Sigh*

I finished the original three month Stashalong, and promptly bought some yarn, which rolled in today. As I said, no pictures, but some links.

I want a fun Spring purse, so I purchased the Queen Designer of Handknit Bags' pattern, Ali. The ensuing personal challenge of yarn substitution occurred, and finally, after much surfing and searching, settled, with little thought to gauge, on Knit Picks Shine Worsted. Since Knit Picks doesn't have sample cards for the Shine Worsted yet, and I had been stashing-a-long, I went a little crazy. Nine (9) different colors kind of crazy*.

I must admit that I am slightly color-choice handicapped. Like many of us, I gravitate to a particular color family - the blues - but am capable of branching out occasionally. But when a pattern calls for several colors in the same knitted object, I panic. Or choose what the designer has chosen, if I like it - then I know what the outcome will be.

Not this time. This time I have nine (9) colors to put together and choose from. Maybe it will be a bag for Fall.

My other yarn came zooming at me from East Bridgewater, MA, the home of kpixie. (No, we will not take the time to reflect on the relationship of these two companies. I'll leave that to spicier bloggers, you know who they are.) It is the glorious Blue Sky Alpacas: Cotton in Thistle. It's gorgeous! And it will eventually make its way into the shape of Something Red by the ever-stylish Miss Wendy B.

And just so you all don't think I'm ignoring the other brilliant TGB designer, I am almost done with the body of the Hyde Park Pullover. And I'm coincidentally in style because it's green.

Let's not forget those sockapalOOOZa socks that must get done by May 1st.

*Neither my work nor my home monitor accurately represent Knit Picks colors.

To all of you who left words of support and kindness about Charlie, or simply thought them: a most sincere and heartfelt thanks. Truly.