Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Houston, the Eagle has landed

and so has the menagerie.

The Grande Dame of the brood, Georgie, my first dog, and RI resident (read: she was commandeered by my Mother when I moved to Colorado four (4) years ago), who is at least thirteen (13) years old, survived surgery today: the removal of a small orange-sized oozing cyst-tumor-thingy. It's being biopsied. The vet couldn't get it all. It was like the Energizer Bunny, she reported.

Being home prior to the possible life-ending surgery was the goal, and we achieved it. All six (6) of us arrived in southern RI at 9.22 PM on Monday evening, Memorial Day.

Whew. What a ride.


Happy birthday to my dear sister.


Edited to add: My folks place is about three (3) hours from where I will live. The movers will most likely deliver my stuff on Sunday, June 4. I have new job meetings June 6, 7, 8; 20th high school reunion June 9-11.

The journey is not over yet.

Final point of reference: full-time, fancy new job begins officially on Wednesday, July 5.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mizzou mile marker 225

a.k.a. just outside of St. Louis, and yes, I'm blogging from the passenger seat. Technology is amazing. Particularly since I had no idea you could connect to the internet via some kind of Sprint card for a flat monthly fee. Thanks for bringing the card along, Dad.

Jerry, Cassidy, and Maxy are all doing quite well with the travel. Abby is too, in the car. She did a runner out of the motel room - not sure if Dad was trying to give us more space in the car, or the wind did actually blow the door open, but thankfully, and incredibly, Abbs ran into a room several doors down. Whew.

I'd like to hit southern RI sometime tomorrow night. My father, the co-pilot, is not so optimistic.

I'll keep you posted. And more about the movers at a future date.

Oh, so far, not a stitch knit. We're a little cramped in here, so I haven't braved it just yet. I'm afraid I'll just get going and some pet something will happen, and yarn and/or needes will be everywhere. Perhaps I'll give it a go tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

15 and a half hours

I have 15.5 hours to compress my three (3) bedroom ranch into brown cartons for the movers. They are movers, not packers and movers.

It's amazing:
1. how much crap I have
2. how much clothing I have accumulated spanning sizes 6 to 12. I wish I was still a size 6.
3. how people who collect chachki move. Blessedly, I collect yarn, not knick knacks.
4. how miffed Max is about all this.
5. how I have moved well over twenty times in my life, and I still hate packing.
6. how as a result, I leave it to the last 15.5 hours.

Let's hope I find some kind of box for my TV.
Thankfully, my fiberglass sea kayak is already on the East coast.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Felicia's Cinco de Mayo

Check out my Anaheim Angel's Cinco de Mayo sockapalOOOza celebration for me!

See those three (3) hockey-puck shaped goodies wrapped in yellow? They are heaven. Ibarra chocolate from Mexico. My sock goddess, Felicia, is Hispanic, and sent them along as a representative tasty treat. They have a hint of cinnamon, and are divine.
I've been wearing my new visor on and off all day, despite the clouds. And I have new sniffs should the sun not return for days.

Look at how well these socks fit! Felicia, are you sure you're a beginner? There are perfect baby cables, and blues, such glorious blues, in the socks!

Those are my very happy, and incredibly thankful feet. Thank you, Felicia from Anaheim! You are a most talented, generous, and thoughtful sock pal! I adore my socks!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Felicia!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pointed Research

Did you know that some US 6 needles are 4.0 mm and some are 4.25 mm?

Yes, it's true. Clover circular identifies US 6s as 4.25 mm, while Skacel Addi and Bryspun identify US 6s as 4.0 mm.

Did you know it's safer to go with the mm size on Addi Turbos because their US sizing can be off?

Yes, it's true too.

How did you learn that real knitters use the metric system? Please share.

Impetus for learning, and above link, courtesy of email exchange with Wendy B. regarding my Fad-Classic swatch.
I hope she doesn't think I'm a total neophyte.