Monday, February 27, 2006

Glittering Gold

My Olympic Project,
shining in the warm Colorado sun

Gently moving with the cool breeze

(notice the famous Clap curled edge, despite blocking)

Nestled in the birches

It was a close race, I saved much of it for Saturday and Sunday, but victory was mine.
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: No No Kitty Yarns Monty Wool, colourway "Snow Day"
Needles: Size 7 US Addi turbos
Pattern modifications: I added two (2) extra repeats in the straight section, and it's just long enough.
Thoughts & Reflections on the pattern and the Olympic process: I prefer long wraps, so if I had it to do over, I'd make it longer and wider. I would also use a worsted weight, silk blend, as the designer suggests, for weight, drape and slickeriness (yes, that's a real word.).
The pattern was much easier than I thought it would be. A blessing. I don't like knitting to deadlines.
I'm pleased and proud to be a medalist.


Areli said...

It's gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing!

Slickeriness, I will have to remember that one.

Kaitie Tee said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors!

I'm definitely going to use slickeriness sometime soon.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely lovely work there.

Rain said...

Well done for finishing.

It's really beautiful.

aija said...

Delicious, and I love the pics.

Rachel said...

That looks so beautiful! I love it amongst the birches. I hope you get lots of use out of it. Congrats on your gold medal!

Zonda said...

Beautiful job! I love your pics! go get your medal!

Kim said...

Your Clapotis looks great! Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!

veritas said...

oh my, that is beautiful! y'all are making Me want a clappy too...