Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six things on my mind...

1. I am still packed in boxes. Still not in my apartment. It's close to two (2) months of living boxed up, and its charm has nearly worn off. No, I think it has worn off entirely.

2. The charm may have left when the heat and humidity rolled in.

3. My poison ivy a.k.a. leprosy is new and improved on my right upper arm. It's itchy, weepy, and angry looking.

4. Camera is packed somewhere, hence the never-ending pictureless blog. Painful, I know. My most sincere apologies. I have knit a thing or two.

5. Unable to blog from FNJ or see some blogs properly. Flipping firewall. Note #1, so there's no surfing or blogging from home, which helps contribute to the absence of charm. (I am at my parents' = post possible = three (3) hour drive tomorrow morning beginning at 5 AM.)

6. Thursday is a bionically big day: Charlie's sister is scheduled to enter this world. I will let you know whatever the news may be as soon as I can. I will be at the hospital knitting feverishly, waiting.


Margot said...

Sending lots of healthy and calming thoughts to you and your sister.

Elizabeth said...

All the best to the new baby. I hope that everything looks rosy and optimistic.

Poison ivy: My mother is hyper-sensitive and got blood poisoning once from a bad case. Keep an eye on it. If a red line starts to move up your arm, go to the emergency room. Meanwhile, extremely hot water can help. This goes against the advice that doctors give. Run your shower as hot as you can stand it and let it run over the afflicted area as long as you can. It not only helps with the itching, it seems to promote healing.

We can wait for pictures until the chaos settles.

Rain said...

I hate living from boxes too, the heat's a killer for wanting to do anything though.

Ooooh a baby. You must all be so excited.

Rachel said...

Are you left-handed? It's always better to get your leprosy on your non-dominant arm/hand.