Monday, April 10, 2006


Yes, I've been trapped under a very heavy object. I've managed little knitting, and absosmurfly no photography for my blog, so there's been no posting. *Sigh*

I finished the original three month Stashalong, and promptly bought some yarn, which rolled in today. As I said, no pictures, but some links.

I want a fun Spring purse, so I purchased the Queen Designer of Handknit Bags' pattern, Ali. The ensuing personal challenge of yarn substitution occurred, and finally, after much surfing and searching, settled, with little thought to gauge, on Knit Picks Shine Worsted. Since Knit Picks doesn't have sample cards for the Shine Worsted yet, and I had been stashing-a-long, I went a little crazy. Nine (9) different colors kind of crazy*.

I must admit that I am slightly color-choice handicapped. Like many of us, I gravitate to a particular color family - the blues - but am capable of branching out occasionally. But when a pattern calls for several colors in the same knitted object, I panic. Or choose what the designer has chosen, if I like it - then I know what the outcome will be.

Not this time. This time I have nine (9) colors to put together and choose from. Maybe it will be a bag for Fall.

My other yarn came zooming at me from East Bridgewater, MA, the home of kpixie. (No, we will not take the time to reflect on the relationship of these two companies. I'll leave that to spicier bloggers, you know who they are.) It is the glorious Blue Sky Alpacas: Cotton in Thistle. It's gorgeous! And it will eventually make its way into the shape of Something Red by the ever-stylish Miss Wendy B.

And just so you all don't think I'm ignoring the other brilliant TGB designer, I am almost done with the body of the Hyde Park Pullover. And I'm coincidentally in style because it's green.

Let's not forget those sockapalOOOZa socks that must get done by May 1st.

*Neither my work nor my home monitor accurately represent Knit Picks colors.

To all of you who left words of support and kindness about Charlie, or simply thought them: a most sincere and heartfelt thanks. Truly.


Areli said...

I am glad to hear from you, I've missed you :-) Sounds like you fun splurging. I have been thinking of getting some of the Thistle myself and making Glampyre's Angelica. I'm holding myself back though, cause I have a slew of projects to work throught first, plus I have a lingering fear that I'm not busty enough to do the top justice!! I'll have to think about it a while longer.

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your HPP. Go Go Go!

zibibbo said...

Have you seen KP's new colors for Shine? Some tasty choices! Why not blue for the inner bag and something that pops for the outer, something you wouldn't normally use but catches your eye? Can't wait to see your HPP too!

Rachel said...

One of the nice side benefits of yarn diets is that when you finally do get new yarn again, it feels like more of a special treat than when you buy it all the time, don't you think?

Love those patterns. Isn't the Garter Belt great?

aija said...

Mmm, yarn and pattern gorging :) Can't wait to see pics of all of your tgb projects (and knitpicks' colors are never true on my monitor, either.)