Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring flowers

Colors bright and bold against a burning landscape. Thirty (30) mph wind gusts + a grass fire = closed roads, evacuated businesses, and a clouded view out my front window. Fire is so powerful; I hope it's under control soon.

A comparatively frivolous question for each of you:

What colors would you choose for creating a spring & summertime Ali? I have nine (9) different colors of Knit Picks Shine Worsted.

Here are your choices for the main bag (in other words, I have three (3) skeins of each color):

Bachelor Button
Green Apple

Pocket color choices (including those not selected above; I have two (2) skeins of each color):

Reef (this is a teal greenish color)
Wisteria (this color can look remarkably like gray often)

Please share your ideas. I'm stuck.


Libi said...

I, personally, would go with Green Apple and Sunflower. A breezy, summery purse.

Areli said...

I hope the fire is under control soon, that's very scary to be so close!

Ack! too many choices!! I really like the colors in the original, nice and spring like otherwise I would go with the Crocus and Snapdragon and something that looks well with them, but that's just because lately my first choice is always the plums and purples. I wonder what everyone else will say, although it looks like you have enough yarn to make a few different bags.

Did your yarn for Something Red come in, I can't wait to watch your progress on it.

Rachel said...

Is the pocket going to be a solid color? Okay, call me crazy, but I think I'd go with bachelor button and watermelon. But then, if you look at the color scheme on my blog, you'll see that I happen to be partial to that combo. It is possible that I'm the only one in the world who is, though. :)

Elizabeth said...

Crocus, green apple, and sunflower. Crocus for the solid part, green apple for the applied i-cord, and sunflower as the third color in the slip stitch.

But you really never know until you swatch it out. At least the slip stitch.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Oh, Elizabeth, you used the s-word :).

Thanks for the suggestion!

Rachel, thanks for the push towards the Paw Sox/Red Sox - what's your third color?

Areli, Libi, a third color?

I appreciate your help!

Rain said...

I love the crocus, snapdragon and wisteria simply because I love purples, but looking at the pattern I have to say Green apple, bachelor and sunflower. I'd have said apple, sunflower and watermelon, but you haven't got enough.

It's a gorgeous pattern.

zibibbo said...

*taps fingers*

SO? Whadya pick?

aija said...

The wisteria is my fav (from their online color card), and I'd go w/ crocus &/or bachelor button... :)

Good luck on your choice!