Friday, June 23, 2006

The Volcano's Mom

J thinks I need a new knitting bag. One that doesn't smell like l'eau de puke.

A little washing, a little air, lots of time, and the knitting bag smells fresh as air a.k.a. not puke.

No need for a new knitting bag, Jules.


Can you all encourage her to trust me, please?



Areli said...

Well, I don't see how anyone can argue with you. But I know if one of my dear children puked on someone's knitting bag, I would want to replace it, too. But then again if the smell is gone, the smell is gone. Hmmm.... I am not actually being much help here, sorry. Could she just owe you a favor for one day and you can claim it when you really need it?

Rain said...

Puke smell does wash out no matter how pungent. Use the guilt for another favour - like lunch (without the human vombomb sitting near you) ;)

Kaitie Tee said...

Well I'm going to go against the grain because I'm all for a new knitting bag. Not because your old one may or may not smell like puke, but because you can never have enough bags! A lady must accessorize!

Elizabeth said...

If it makes her feel better, let her buy you one. Or better yet, have her take you yarn shopping! At a real live bricks'n'mortar yarn store! No more mail order for you!

Sarah said...

new knitting bag!

new knitting bag!

Well, only if you're honest and tell her your old one isn't broke. And she still wants to buy ya one!

Ruth said...


So, what did you do? I understand wanting to fix what's broken, but new knitting bags are always nice ...