Monday, November 28, 2005

Serena is soaring to Virginia...

I completed Serena, the beauty, and she's tucked safely in a padded Fed Ex Pak winging her way to Miss Isabel right this very moment...

I knit her, tucked all those pesky ends in, gently soaked her in some newly acquired Eucalen, and then blocked her. What an experience blocking is...after 24 hours, I was fearful she wasn't going to dry, so late last night, I put a fan on her and WHOOSH, she was dry in no time.

Looking elegant and regal, here, on my dear model-friend Paula, I present to you, Serena:

The details:

Pattern & incredibly prompt and gracious pattern help:
Serena by Wendy Wonnacott for The Garter Belt
Finished Measurements: Width: 13 inches Length: 67 inches
Yarn: Panache by Knit Picks in Moss; 68 yds per skein
Yardage: 522 yards
Needle: Size 11 Addis

It's a stylish pattern which appears more difficult to knit than it truly is...

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Areli said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. The yarn for On the Moon I used was Sari a mercerized cotton. My gauge is a bit loose for it, but I didn't really understand guage when I knit it. Turned out all right. Your Serena is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.